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The Awatere Tussock Track

The Awatere Tussock Track Glen Orkney Medway Valley, Blenheim view on map
The Awatere Tussock Track
  • The Awatere Tussock Track
  • The Awatere Tussock Track
  • The Awatere Tussock Track
  • The Awatere Tussock Track
  • The Awatere Tussock Track
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The Awatere Tussock track is an exhilarating and engaging 2 or 3 day unguided walk on a high country farm in Marlborough.
The walk takes you through tussock covered hills, along bush clad creeks and into rugged back country with spectacular mountain views and breathtaking night skies.
You will see protected reserves of regenerating native plants and walk through grazing merino sheep growing wool for the famous Icebreaker brand of clothing.
The cottage and custom built hut are welcoming and clean and provide walkers with tramping luxuries such as a comfortable bed, hot shower, flush toilet and fridge.
The track is open from mid November to mid May and requires walkers to have a good level of fitness and agility.
You will need to bring a sleeping bag,boots,clothing for hot/cold/wet weather and a water bottle.
The cost is $200 per person which includes pack cartage.

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